Tom Carper, U.S. Senator for Delaware

November 2014
Date Title
11/13/14 LA Times: Stop helicopter-parenting the Postal Service
February 2014
Date Title
2/12/14 Washington Post Editorial: A Senate bill offers a good start to addressing some postal woes
August 2013
Date Title
8/2/13 The News Journal: Sen. Tom Carper puts his stamp on postal reform
June 2013
Date Title
6/11/13 Washington Times: Federal agencies turning to UPS, Fed Ex instead of USPS for delivery needs
May 2013
Date Title
5/27/13 Los Angeles Times: Postal Service is on its last legs, with little help in sight
April 2013
Date Title
4/10/13 The News Journal: Editorial: Congress must act to help save Postal Service
February 2013
Date Title
2/23/13 The News Journal: Carper seeks fix for Postal Service
2/12/13 Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: Priority mail for Washington
2/3/13 The Hill: Congress yet to deliver on postal reform
January 2013
Date Title
1/14/13 Reuters: U.S. Postal Service directed to speed up cost-cutting measures
1/3/13 CQ: Chairmen Say They Will Keep Working on Postal Bill
December 2012
Date Title
12/21/12 CNN: Opinion: Goodbye, Postal Service?
November 2012
Date Title
11/14/12 Bloomberg: Kicking Can on Postal Service No Option as Financial Chasm Looms
August 2012
Date Title
8/9/12 Wall Street Journal: Postal Service Posts Big Loss as Cash Runs Low
July 2012
Date Title
7/31/12 New York Times: As Default Looms, Postal Service Sees Deeper Woes
7/31/12 The Hill: Postal Service Default Alarms Sen. Tom Carper
7/28/12 CNN: Postal Service in crisis
7/24/12 Huffington Post: Postal Service On Edge: What Would A World Without Mail Look Like?
March 2012
Date Title
3/22/12 The Hill: Senate poised to tackle postal reform
February 2012
Date Title
2/21/12 Content Delaware: Video: Sen Carper: Bipartisanship & Postal Service
2/9/12 The Washington Post: Senator to probe Postal Regulatory Commission travel schedule
2/5/12 The Washington Post: Postal regulatory chairman?s $70,000 in travel comes under scrutiny
January 2012
Date Title
1/20/12 The News Journal: Politicians pitch salvation plan for Hares Corner
1/20/12 Delaware State News: Meeting airs concerns over Hares Corner USPS facility
1/12/12 WDEL: Carper wants answers from Hares Corner postal meeting
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