Sen. Carper Applauds Bipartisan Health Care Summit, Encourages Cooperation Moving Forward

WASHINGTON – A member of the Senate Finance Committee who has worked closely on health care reform, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) applauded President Obama’s bipartisan health care summit held at the White House today.
“First, I want to thank the President for hosting a bipartisan health care summit. And I want to thank leaders of both parties for participating and debating this difficult issue. I was encouraged by the President’s persistence on having a productive session during the health summit, and I applaud all my colleagues at today’s summit for their leadership.
“I remain convinced that health care reform is a vital part of helping our economy recover.  Unfortunately, inaction on Capitol Hill – where we have been good at fighting with one another but not as good at working together to get things done – causes uncertainty that paralyzes many businesses. So does recent news that health care premiums are going up twenty, thirty, or in some cases, almost forty percent from year to year. Passing health care reform will mean less volatile health care costs. This, in turn, will help businesses expand, invest and hire.    
“The President’s proposal, while not perfect, cuts costs and extends coverage to Americans without insurance. It also completely closes the prescription coverage gap that our seniors face and strengthens oversight to prevent insurance companies from arbitrarily raising premiums.
“Now is the time for both parties to focus on the 80 percent we agree on, not the 20 percent we disagree on, and show that we can produce bipartisan results that benefits Delawareans and Americans across the country. If we can do it, the country will come out ahead.”