Ten Years Later, Sen. Carper Reflects on 9/11

Recalls the strong sense of unity in Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, and across America in tragedy's aftermath

WASHINGTON – In observance of the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement:

“As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, it is important that we take a moment to reflect on how we’ve grown as a nation, as well as the challenges that still remain,” said Sen. Carper. “I am reminded of the Latin phrase ‘E pluribus unum,’ which means ‘Out of many, one.’ This phrase adorns our nation’s seal and suggests that while we all come from many different places, we are one nation. In the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, we came together as Americans and truly became one. We overcame differences of race, class, gender, and party to work together to meet the challenges posed by terrorism and to heal. Today our country still faces the threat of terrorism, even as we struggle with the challenges posed by a weak economic recovery and two wars.

“As I pause to observe this anniversary, I am reminded again of the need for our country to unite as a people and a nation. I can think of no better way to honor the memory of those we lost on that tragic day ten years ago than to renew our commitment to that spirit of unity that helped carry our nation through that terrible day and the difficult days that followed.”