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Business Meeting Statement: "May 22, 2013 Business Meeting"

United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs

May 22 2013

Prepared Statement of Chairman Thomas R. Carper
Business Meeting to Consider Pending Nominations
May 22, 2013

The Committee will be in order. I would note for the record that a quorum of nine Senators is present, which means that the Committee can report nominations to the full Senate.

Today, our committee will consider the nominations of Brian Deese to be Deputy Director at the Office of Management and Budget and Michael O’Keefe and Robert Okun to be Associate Judges of the D.C. Superior Court. I know many of you have obligations to get to, so I will get right to business.

The Committee has completed its review of these three nominees and has held hearings to consider the nominations. I believe all of the nominees are well qualified for the positions to which they have been nominated, and I recommend that we report the nominations to the full Senate.

Senator Coburn, would you like to make any remarks concerning the nomination?

Is there any other Senator who wishes to be heard regarding the nominations?

I have been informed that there are no objections to these nominees, so unless anyone objects, I believe we can move these nominations en bloc. The question is on reporting the nominations of Brian Deese, Michael O’Keefe, and Robert Okun to the full Senate. All those in favor say “aye” – opposed, “no”? The “ayes” have it. The nominations will be reported to the full Senate.

This business meeting is adjourned.