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Amy Cherry

Senator Carper continues his crusade to get Delaware a National Park.

This time, he's joined by renowned documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, who's known for creating the film, "America's Best Idea - The National Park System."

When asked why we're the first state in the union, but the only one without a National Park, Ken Burns tells WDEL he thinks, America forgot about Delaware.

"Probably the smallness of the state, the intimacy of these things, and we know there's not a thousand foot waterfall. There's not a major battlefield, there's not geysers, and so I think we forgot," says Burns.

Senator Carper compares his push to pass a National Park to running the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, a race he's completed 28 times.

"We're about finishing running it once and that's the enactment of legislation in the Senate. We hope to get that done this year, and then over in the House of Representatives, our Congressman John Carney will run the second leg," says Carper.

Burns says a National Park in Delaware makes perfect economic sense.

"Now, people don't just see us as a small pass on I-95. But now there's the incentive to get off and discover the treasures that are the First State," says Burns.

Burns grew up in Newark, but now lives in New Hampshire. He says he can't wait to bring his kids here to discover those treasures.

"...To have it here, to have what will be in Delaware like jewels strung along a necklace that will permit us in time and in place to revisit out complicated history. I look so forward to bringing my kids back when Delaware now is the final state to have National Parks," Burns says.