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Regional differences, mixed with ideological touches, are alive and well in the U.S. Senate.

A Thursday vote on a proposal to limit pollution emissions followed geography more than politics. The trouble is air pollution is a national, not a regional, problem.

The Senate rejected a block on an Environmental Protection Agency order that would stop power-plant emissions from crossing state lines. However, opponents of the rule have not given up. We can expect more battles before the rule goes into effect in January.

This directly affects Delaware. We are downwind from coal-fired power plants out West. Pollution spewing out of plants in Texas, for example, are brought east by the winds, thus making our air dirtier and less healthy. Delaware has made big strides in cleaning up our own air pollution. The bulk of the unhealthy pollution we breathe comes from these dirty power plants.

The EPA wants those plants cleaned up. In reality, the move would create more jobs, but the owners of the plants have organized resistance to the EPA rule, and that resistance is being played out in Congress.

Sens. Tom Carper and Chris Coons rightly voted to defeat the anti-EPA vote. Sen. Carper said on the Senate floor, "For all Delawareans and for all the others who are living at the end of that tailpipe, I say enough is enough."

Sen. Carper is right.

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