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Senator Tom Carper started his Memorial Day weekend off the same way as tens of thousands of others from throughout the Mid-Atlantic: by traveling to Sussex County. However, unlike those tourists, he was on business. 

Carper started his Memorial Day Friday by speaking to senior citizens at the CHEER Center in Georgetown about legislation that he plans to introduce next month in the Senate that will allow the government to crack down on Medicare fraud, a $60 billion-a-year industry run by con artists posing as doctors writing fake prescriptions to people who don’t exists and vendors selling medical equipment that they don’t deliver, among other schemes.  

Carper says that fraud is a major threat to the solvency of the Medicare program. Under provisions of the healthcare law, Carper said the government was able to recover a record $4 billion last year. However, Carper says much more needs to be done to recover even more money.  

Carper also talked about how the volunteers of the Senior Medicare Patrol Program are helping seniors to read their bill so they can catch fraud early, making it easier to catch the crooks. Carper is urging seniors to follow the same line of though as Amtrak when it comes to reporting suspicious activity: “If you see something, say something.”  

Carper, a 23-year Navy veteran, spoke to veterans at the Sussex County AMVETS Post 2 in Millsboro. He shared his experiences as a pilot in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and about how the GI Bill and VA hospital have changed between then and now. At both events, he touted the work our soldiers, along with Allied forces are doing against the Taliban, saying “We’re kicking their butts.” Carper also said that surveys have shown the Taliban garnering a mere six percent approval rating among the Afghan people. Carper thanked veterans at both events for their service, and told them that future veterans, when they return from Iraq and Afghanistan, will be able to take advantage of the best GI Bill ever. He says that for Delaware veterans, their tuitions at the University of Delaware, Delaware State and Del Tech will be paid for, and they’ll get a $1,000-a-month housing allowance, trumping the $200 a month he got for all expenses when he returned from Southeast Asia nearly 40 years ago.      

CHEER Center Older Americans DaySen. Tom Carper speaks to seniors at the CHEER Center in Georgetown on "Older Americans Day" May 27 about new legislation he'll introduce into the Senate next month to crack down on Medicare fraud.      

AMVETS Post 2AMVETS Post 2 Commander William Ketler, left, hands the mic off to Sen. Tom Carper during the Senator's appearance at the post May 27. Carper spoke about his experiences in the Navy, veterans issues and what Allied troops in Afghanistan are doing against the Taliban.