Statements and Speeches

Opening Statement of Chairman Thomas R. Carper
Business Meeting
July 31, 2013

The committee will come to order. My thanks to our colleagues for joining Dr. Coburn and me this morning for the committee’s first legislative business meeting of the year.

Today we’ll be considering the President’s nominees to head two key agencies in our committee’s jurisdiction – the Census Bureau and the Office of Personnel Management.

Of the legislative items on the agenda this morning are two bills that have been considered by this committee in the past – the GAO Improvement Act and the Congressional Award Program Reauthorization Act.

We will also be considering legislation put forward by Senators Tester, McCaskill, Johnson, Coburn, and Portman to address an issue raised in a recent subcommittee hearing related to security clearances.

Finally, Senator Coburn and are asking for the committee’s support for legislation in two areas that have been priorities for this committee for some time – property management reform and preventing improper payments.

One piece of legislation that did not make it on the current agenda is one introduced by Senators Paul and Begich that seeks to reward federal employees who identify waste and fraud. It is my intention to work with my colleagues to find a way to consider that bill in the fall.

Another issue I intend to return to in the fall is postal reform. I don’t need to remind my colleagues of the challenges facing the Postal Service and the need for Congress to act to get them back on a sustainable path. This committee needs to act on a bill when we return to session in September, and I intend to put forward a proposal soon that we can act on.

I also hope that we can act on cyber security in the fall.

I’ll now turn to Senator Coburn for any introductory comments he would like to make.