Statements and Speeches

WASHINGTON– Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) issued the following statement after U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx unveiled the administration's proposal for a long-term transportation bill, called the GROW AMERICA Act.

"I'd like to thank Secretary Foxx and the administration for continuing to offer bold and thoughtful leadership on transportation policy with this latest proposal that offers many ideas Congress ought to consider. This proposal builds on the foundation laid out in last year's GROW America Act that sought to get taxpayers the greatest return for their investments in transportation projects. It is my sincere hope that this Congress will do more with this proposal than last year when we simply kicked the can down the road for another short-term patch for the 12th time in five years. Our cities, states, citizens and businesses are counting on us to do more to give them the certainty they need from a 21st-century transportation system.

"The GROW AMERICA Act would develop a national multi-modal freight system that is critical to getting goods to market in the most efficient way.  It will enable more transformative transportation projects that will make the biggest difference in improving our global competitiveness and mobility in communities across the country. The plan also calls for investments in our aging public transit systems around the nation that will help people get to work faster and more reliably.

"I appreciate that the administration has come to the table with a concrete idea for paying for this comprehensive bill, and I think using tax revenue coming home from overseas is an idea Congress should consider among others. But I want to be clear that one-time revenues do not address the long-term structural problems with the Highway Trust Fund. I plan to keep working with my colleagues in Congress to find a bipartisan agreement on a sustainable solution to paying for these infrastructure investments that an overwhelming majority of us believe are critical to our country's future."