Statements and Speeches

In Honor of Sergeant First Class James "Shawn" Moudy

Statement in the Congressional Record

Dec 14 2005

Mr. President, I rise to talk about a young man who lost his life last Sunday in Iraq. He is an Army sergeant first class who grew up in Delaware, a graduate of Tatnall High School. His name is James “Shawn” Moudy. He is the ninth soldier from Delaware to have died in Iraq.
Shawn epitomized the best of our country's brave men and women who fought to free Iraq and to secure a new democracy in the Middle East. Shawn exhibited unwavering courage, dutiful service to his country and, above all else, honor. The way he lived his life and how we remember him, Shawn reminds each of us how good we can be.
Shawn was born in Wilmington on July 14, 1968, to James and Thelma Moudy who now reside in Newark. Shawn attended the Independence School and graduated from Tatnall School in 1986, where he enjoyed playing football and lacrosse. Shawn then attended 1 year at Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL.
After earning a nomination to the Coast Guard Academy, Shawn decided instead to enlist in the Army. For almost two decades, Shawn traveled the world on tours of duty in Korea, Germany, Bosnia, and later at Ft. Benning, GA. It was in Korea that he met his wife Myong Sun, and today they have a daughter, Sandra Rebecca. She is 13 years old.
In September 2004, Shawn was transferred to Ft. Drum in Watertown, NY, where his family resides today. He was deployed to Iraq in August 2005, a few months ago. Shawn's mission was to train Iraqi troops, and he joined in the security patrols there. Shawn was a member of the 71st Cavalry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division. He always knew he wanted to be a soldier. He had several uncles who served in the military. As a child, his mom and dad told me, he always drew pictures of soldiers. According to his mom, with whom I was privileged to speak the night before last, Shawn believed that “the world needs to be safe and protected and free. That's what his whole life was dedicated to.” Those are her words and his.
Shawn's parents take comfort in knowing their son was doing what he believed was right. Their son was resolute in his belief that the United States should not leave Iraq until a free society has been established. He died Sunday in western Baghdad when the humvee he was driving struck another one of those roadside bombs we hear so much about.
I rise today on behalf of Senator Biden and our whole congressional delegationand the people of Delaware to celebratehis life, to commemorate his life, and to offer his mom and dad and family our support and our deepest sympathy on their tragic loss and on ours.