Press Releases

February 2015

Date Title
2/12/15 Sen. Carper Votes to Confirm Dr. Ashton Carter as Secretary of Defense
2/12/15 Floor Statement: Sen. Carper Recognizes Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Border Patrol Agent on the Senate Floor
2/11/15 Hearing Statement: Examining EPA's Proposed Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rules from New, Modified, and Existing Power Plants
2/11/15 Hearing Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: "Risky Business: Examining GAO's 2015 List of High Risk Government Program
2/11/15 Finance Committee Approves Carper Proposal to Boost Incentives for Clean Energy Technology
2/11/15 Senator Carper Introduces Bill to Increase Sharing of Cyber Threat Data
2/10/15 Hearing Statement: Getting to Yes on Tax Reform: What Lessons Can Congress Learn from the Tax Reform Act of 1986?
2/9/15 Senator Carper Highlights Progress, Remaining Challenges During Trip to U.S. Southern Border
2/6/15 Senator Carper Statement on Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Tony Scott
2/6/15 Senator Carper Statement on U.S. Postal Service Financial Losses
2/5/15 Senator Carper Continues to Call for Clean, DHS FY15 Funding Bill
2/5/15 Senate Panel Examines Costs and Benefits of Executive Action on Immigration
2/5/15 Senator Carper Statement on Anthem, Inc. Cyber Intrusion
2/4/15 Hearing Statement: House-Senate Joint Hearing on State & Local Impacts of Administration's Proposed Expansion of Waters Regulation
2/4/15 Hearing Statement: Deferred Action on Immigration: Implications and Unanswered Questions