Press Releases

March 2016

Date Title
3/14/16 Carper Statement on King Confirmation
3/10/16 Carper Statement on Passage of Legislation to Address America's Opioid and Heroin Epidemic
3/9/16 EPW Hearing Statement: "Cooperative Federalism: State Perspectives on EPA Regulatory Actions and the Role of States as Co-Regulators"
3/9/16 Senators Carper, Coons Sign Amicus Brief Supporting President Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration
3/8/16 HSGAC Hearing Statement: The Homeland Security Department’s Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2017
3/8/16 Congress Approves Bill to Improve Presidential Transitions
3/8/16 Senator Carper Seeks Information on Administration Efforts to Protect Nursing Home Residents
3/7/16 Carper, Coons, Carney Call on Congress to Establish National Clean Energy Goals
3/3/16 Finance Hearing Statement: "Free Trade Agreement Implementation: Lessons from the Past"
3/3/16 HSGAC Hearing Statement: “Dogs of DHS: How Canine Programs Contribute to Homeland Security”
3/2/16 Carper Statement on Release of VA IG Report
3/2/16 HSGAC Hearing Statement: Nomination of the Honorable Patrick Pizzella to be a Member, Federal Labor Relations Authority, and Julie H. Becker, Steven N. Berk, and Elizabeth C. Wingo to be Associate Judges, Superior Court of the District of Columbia
3/1/16 Senator Carper Highlights DHS Management Directorate on the Senate Floor

February 2016

Date Title
2/29/16 Legislation to Improve Presidential Transitions Approved by House
2/25/16 HSGAC Hearing Statement: “Connecting Patients to New and Potential Life Saving Treatments”