Press Releases

June 2015

Date Title
6/18/15 Sens. Johnson, Carper Introduce Bill to Improve Criminal Justice System in District of Columbia
6/18/15 Sens. Carper, Grassley, McCaskill and Johnson Introduce Legislation to Prevent Misuse of Government Charge Cards
6/18/15 Hearing Statement: Dead End, No Turn Around, Danger Ahead: Challenges to the Future of Highway Funding
6/18/15 Sen. Carper's Statement on National Defense Authorization Act and Defense Appropriations Act
6/17/15 Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: Governing Through Goal Setting: Enhancing the Economic and National Security of America
6/16/15 Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: Federal Real Property Reform: How Cutting Red Tape and Better Management Could Achieve Billions in Savings
6/16/15 Sen. Carper Highlights Progress Made, Challenges that Remain in Federal Real Property Management
6/16/15 HSGAC Committee Approves Critical Leadership Nominations for TSA, USPS Board of Governors
6/15/15 Senator Carper Highlights 3rd Anniversary of DACA
6/11/15 Sen. Carper Statement on Consideration of Cyber Security Information Sharing Legislation in NDAA
6/11/15 Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: Blowing the Whistle on Retaliation: Accounts of Current and Former Federal Agency Whistleblowers
6/10/15 Markup Statement: Federal Water Quality Protection Act
6/10/15 Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: Nomination of Peter V. Neffenger to be Assistant Secretary (Transportation Security Administration), U.S. Department of Homeland Security and David S. Shapira to be a Governor, United States Postal Service Board of Governors
6/9/15 Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: Oversight of the Transportation Security Administration: First-Hand and Government Watchdog Accounts of Agency Challenges
6/9/15 Sen. Carper: TSA needs strong, permanent leadership