Press Releases

July 2012

Date Title
7/10/12 Sussex County Airport Receives Funding from U.S. Department of Transportation for Runway Extension Project
7/10/12 Sens. Baucus, Carper, McCaskill Call for Additional Oversight After the HHS Inspector General Examines Potential Conflicts of Interest Among Medicare Contractors
7/9/12 Sen. Carper Highlights Need for Veteran Hiring and Training at Siemens Appreciation Event
7/5/12 Passage of FDA Safety and Innovation Act Celebrated at Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
7/5/12 Newark Toll Plaza Traffic Congestion Eliminated One Year Later
7/2/12 Sen. Carper Statement on Nuclear Regulatory Commission Confirmations

June 2012

Date Title
6/29/12 Sen. Carper Reacts to Transportation Bill Compromise Vote
6/29/12 Key Committee Approves Carper Bill to Reduce Unnecessary and Outdated GAO Reviews
6/29/12 Key Committee Approves Bill Championed by Sen. Carper to Streamline and Reduce Costly Federal Government Property Portfolio
6/28/12 Sen. Carper Statement in Response to Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act
6/28/12 Sen. Carper Helps Department of Defense Recognize DuPont’s Support for Hiring Veterans and Reservists
6/28/12 Hearing Statement: "First State National Historical Park Act of 2011 (S. 323)"
6/26/12 Sen. Carper Celebrates Final Passage of FDA Safety and Innovation Act
6/26/12 Sen. Carper Commends Court Decision to Uphold EPA Measures to Reduce Climate Pollution, Protect Public Health and Environment
6/25/12 Carper, Coons, Carney host job fair for more than 2,600 job seekers