Press Releases

December 2011

Date Title
12/9/11 Sen. Carper Statement on USTR Next Step in Dispute Against China's Poultry Tariffs
12/8/11 Sen. Carper Statement on Senate Failure to Proceed on Nomination of Richard Cordray
12/8/11 Senators Celebrate Key Committee Passage of Bill to Protect and Enhance the Delaware River Watershed
12/8/11 In colloquy, Senators Carper and Coons celebrate Delaware Day
12/8/11 Floor Speech in Support of Richard Cordray to Head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
12/7/11 Sen. Carper on Durban International Climate Conference
12/7/11 Delaware Delegation Highlights Deadline for 2012 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award Nomination Season
12/6/11 Sen. Carper Highlights Deadlines for Holiday Mailing to U.S. Service Members
12/6/11 Sen. Carper Highlights Billions of Dollars in Health Care Savings, Better Access to Care for Millions of Americans through the Affordable Care Act
12/5/11 Sen. Carper Statement on USPS Adjustments to Operations
12/2/11 Delaware Delegation Congratulates Delaware State University on National Commitment to Energy Efficiency
12/1/11 Sen. Carper Holds Hearing on the Financial and Societal Costs of Medicating America's Foster Children

November 2011

Date Title
11/30/11 Sen. Carper Reminds Seniors of Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline on December 7th
11/29/11 Senators Carper, Coons praise passage of amendment to give National Guard a seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff
11/22/11 Sen. Carper Encourages Shoppers to Buy Local this Holiday Season