Press Releases

June 2010

Date Title
6/28/10 Carper Welcomes White House Initiative to Address Wasteful Information Technology Investments in Federal Government
6/25/10 Carper Reacts to the Conclusion of the House-Senate Conference on Comprehensive Financial Regulatory Reform
6/24/10 Members of Congress Commend Senate Passage of Their Legislation to Curb Waste, Fraud and Abuse in the Federal Government
6/24/10 Carper, Kaufman Cheer Russia's Decision to Lift Trade Barriers Against U.S. Poultry, Thank Obama Administration for Efforts to Address Unfair Restrictions
6/24/10 Carper Applauds Key Committee Vote on Comprehensive Cybersecurity Legislation
6/23/10 HEARING: "Having Their Say: Customer and Employee Views on the Future of the U.S. Postal Service"
6/23/10 Carper Holds Joint Hearing to Discuss USPS' Future Financial Viability
6/22/10 Delaware Senators Praise Administration's Progress in Implementing Comprehensive Health Reform Law
6/21/10 Carper, Kaufman Call on President Obama to Address Russian Trade Barriers with President Medvedev
6/16/10 Sen. Carper Questions BP, Transocean And Administration On Oil Spill Response
6/16/10 HEARING: "The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Ensuring a Financially Responsible Recovery"
6/16/10 House Leaders Announce Support For Carper, Lieberman, Collins Cybersecurity Bill
6/15/10 Carper Reacts to President Obama's Address on Gulf Oil Spill
6/15/10 Opening Statement: Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset: Comprehensive Legislation for the 21st Century
6/15/10 Testimony: "Improving Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Use by Federal Agencies Act of 2010"