Press Releases

May 2010

Date Title
5/11/10 Carper Urges Review of Federal Building Efficiency Measures to Save Taxpayer Dollars and Improve Energy Efficiency
5/11/10 Senator Carper Presses Offshore Drilling Executives for Details Regarding Gulf Oil Spill and Clean Up Efforts
5/10/10 Senator Carper Reacts to President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Announcement
5/7/10 Carper Reacts to Encouraging April Jobs Numbers
5/6/10 Senators Carper, McCain and Coburn React to Department of Defense's Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Plan Status Report
5/6/10 Opening Statement: "Nuclear Regulatory Commission"
5/5/10 Carper Holds Hearing to Examine Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Safety Record, Explores Ways to Improve Safety and Effectiveness
5/4/10 Senators Introduce Legislation To Expand Vote By Mail, Save Money and Increase Voter Participation

April 2010

Date Title
4/29/10 Sen. Carper Reacts to Postal Regulatory Commission's Planned 6 Month Review of Postal Proposal to End Saturday Delivery
4/28/10 American Lung Association Report Warns that More Than Half of All Americans Exposed to Air Too Dangerous to Breathe; Demonstrates Need for Sen. Carper's Clean Air Act Amendments Legislation
4/28/10 Sen. Carper's Bipartisan Census Reform Bill Approved by Key Committee
4/28/10 Carper, Dodd, Collins, Lieberman And McCain Introduce Fire Grants Reauthorization Act
4/28/10 Sen. Carper, Rep. Murphy Praise House Passage of Their Legislation To Curb Waste, Fraud and Abuse in the Federal Government
4/27/10 Sen. Carper Highlights Successful Program that Recovered $900 Million in Medicare Overpayments and Identified Additional $303 Million in Medicare Improper Payment Vulnerabilities
4/27/10 Senator Carper Reacts to Department of Energy's Announcement to Invest $750,000 in University of Delaware's Offshore Wind Development