Press Releases

June 2011

Date Title
6/2/11 Sen. Carper Highlights Help for Uninsured Delawareans with Pre-Existing Conditions

May 2011

Date Title
5/27/11 Sen. Carper Cosponsors Bill to Make Streets Safer, Save on Gas Costs and Encourage Healthier Living
5/26/11 Senator Carper Statement on the Extension of the PATRIOT Act
5/26/11 Senator Carper Reacts to House Republican Proposal to Privatize Northeast Corridor
5/26/11 Sens. Carper, Brown Reintroduce Aviation Security Reform Bill
5/25/11 Sen. Carper Addresses Billions Lost on Federal Improper Payments; Examines Administration's Announcement of January "Do Not Pay" Program Launch to Stop Unnecessary Payment Errors
5/25/11 Hearing Statement: "Assessing Efforts to Eliminate Improper Payments"
5/25/11 Hearing Statement: "How to Save Taxpayer Dollars: Case Studies of Duplication in the Federal Government"
5/25/11 Hearing Statement: "The Re-Nomination of William Ostendorff to Serve as a Commissioner on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission"
5/25/11 Hearing Statement: "The U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement"
5/24/11 Sen. Carper Releases Administration Response Regarding Cuts to Fund Promoting Transparency and Accountability for Federal Government
5/24/11 Hearing Statement: "Stimulus Contractors Who Cheat on Their Taxes: What Happened"
5/24/11 Sen. Carper Hails Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet Performance
5/24/11 Sen. Carper Announces Ursuline Student Breanne Porter Accepted into Senate Page Program
5/23/11 Hearing Statement "Protecting Cyberspace: Assessing the White House Proposal"