Press Releases

October 2001

Date Title
10/4/01 Carper Committee Passes Legilastion to Curb Sources of Terrorists' Funding
10/2/01 Senate Approves Defense Bill with $30 Million Delaware Projects
10/2/01 Small Business Resource Fair Tours Delaware, Carper, Biden, and Castle Support Effort

September 2001

Date Title
9/29/01 Over 1,000 to Join in Fight Against Aids, Carper Serves as Co-Grand Marshall of Aids Walk Delaware
9/28/01 Carper Joins Delaware Arab-American Community to Help the Victims and Heal the Hate
9/26/01 Senators Biden & Carper Get Federal Funding for Critical Defense Projects in Delaware
9/25/01 Carper Praises Dover Air Force Base from the Senate Floor
9/25/01 Early Head Start Awarded $400,000 Grant to initiate and expand services in Kent & New Castle County
9/23/01 Senator Carper to "Stand For Freedom" Today
9/20/01 Carper on the President's Speech to Congress: 'He had a chance to inspire, to lift us as a nation, and he did.'
9/19/01 Senator Carper to Meet with Greenspan Tomorrow to Discuss the Condition of our Financial Markets, will be Joined by Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt
9/19/01 Carper Will Visit Dover Air Force Base Today, and Share the Nation's Support for the Noble Task it Performs
9/14/01 US Senate Votes Unanimously to Authorize Use of Force and $40 Billion in Emergency Appropriations
9/14/01 Carper Honors Firefighters Auxiliaries and Rescue Workers for their Courage
9/11/01 Statement of Senator Thomas R. Carper on the Tragedy of September 11, 2001