Press Releases

May 2001

Date Title
5/10/01 Carper Votes Against Budget, Centrist Democrat Voted for Original Resolution But Says Today's Bill 'Breaks Our Promise to Improve Public Education'
5/8/01 Carper Rejects Bush Budget Compromise
5/1/01 Education Debate Begins in Senate, Carper to Play Role in Raising Student Achievement, Increasing Education Funds

April 2001

Date Title
4/27/01 Carper Announces US Forest Grant Awarded to Wilmington and Newark
4/26/01 Senator Carper Calls on President Bush to Invest in Education Reform
4/25/01 Senate Votes to Clean-Up Polluted Properties, Carper Co-Sponsors Bill that Helps Decontaminate Properties in all Three DE Counties DEDO Director John Wik Praises Bill as 'Help DelawAre Needs'
4/20/01 Carper Tours Schwartz Center of the Arts
4/20/01 Carper's 'Excellence in Education' Tour ends in Education Town Meetings in Camden and Lewes Tomorrow
4/19/01 Carper Tours Schwartz Center of the Arts
4/17/01 Carper's Excellence in Education Tour Rolls On, Will Hold Conversations on Education at Four New Town Meetings
4/11/01 Former P-3 Mission Commander Carper Welcomes Airmen's Release, Calls America's Intelligence Gathering Missions 'Appropriate'
4/6/01 Carper to Kick Off 'Excellence in Public Education' Tour, Starts with School Visit and an 'Education Town Meeting' Tomorrow (Monday)
4/6/01 Carper's First Amendment Passes Senate Unanimously, Carper-Enzi Repeals Proposed Tax on State Chartered Banks
4/6/01 Senator Carper's Statement on the Budget Vote
4/2/01 Carper: Campaign Finance Reform is 'A Work in Progress'