Press Releases

January 2003

Date Title
1/23/03 Senate Approves Over $2.8 Million for Environmental and Educational Initiatives in Delaware
1/23/03 Senate Locks Down $5.5 Million for DE Police Departments
1/22/03 Ridge Confirmed as First Director of Homeland Security
1/22/03 Carper Votes Against Clean Air Roll-Backs
1/17/03 Carper Questions Ridge on Rail Security Pledges to Support his Confirmation to Cabinet Secretary
1/17/03 Carper to Join Celebration of Diversity on Holiday Designed to Encourage and Empower
1/16/03 Carper Committee Responsible for Overseeing Dept. of Homeland Security, Will Question Governor Ridge Tomorrow
1/16/03 Carper Rejects Federal Caps for Medical Malpractice
1/16/03 Carper Committee Responsible for Overseeing Dept. of Homeland Security
1/8/03 Delaware To Receive $750,000 To Assist Welfare Recipients Obtain And Keep Jobs
1/7/03 Carper Named to Senate Democratic LeadershipWill Serve as Moderate Voice on new Executive Committee
1/6/03 Carper praises GM for hybrid vehicle announcement, Pledges to work to pass tax incentives for their purchase

December 2002

Date Title
12/20/02 Carper on Senator Lott's Decision Not to Seek Reelection as Senate Majority Leader:
12/17/02 Delaware Firefighters Secure Federal Funding Wilmington, Carlisle, Hockessin and Citizens Hose Fire Companies Win Competitive Grants
12/10/02 Homeland Security, the Future of Dover Air Force Base And the State of the National Economy are Topics on Tap During Senator Carper's Day in Kent County this Wednesday