Press Releases

November 2001

Date Title
11/7/01 Delaware Youth receives $50,000 National Prize, Chitan Hossain be Honored Tonight in Washington, DC
11/4/01 Carper and Castle Launch Campaign Against 'Predatory Lending', Tell Delaware Valley Residents 'Don't Borrow Trouble'
11/2/01 Biden and Carper Testify on the Urgent Need for Investment in Amtrak
11/1/01 Carper Launches 'Tackling Terrorism Tour', Four Meetings Feature Experts' Advice and Answers for Concerned Citizens

October 2001

Date Title
10/30/01 Delaware Postal Safety in the National Spotlight, Carper Questions Postmaster General on Worker Safety
10/29/01 Carper to Meet with Local Postal Workers, Postmaster General to Testify Before Carper's Committee in DC this Wednesday
10/27/01 Carper to Join 80th Anniversary Celebration of Wilmington Fire Department
10/25/01 Senate Passes Anti-Terrorism Legislation, Carper Calls for Swift Action to Better Ensure Citizen Safety
10/17/01 Carper Responds to Washington Anthrax Incident
10/17/01 Delaware Underground Railroad Gets Quarter Million Boost From Congress
10/12/01 Downstate Jobs and Health, Women's Wellness, Hispanic Health Center, Senior Citizens, Downstate Industry, and Inspirational Employees
10/9/01 Wilmington's Southbridge Receives $191,000 to Bridge the Digital Divide
10/8/01 Carper: Ridge is the right One for the Job, Former Delaware Governor was Ridge's Mentor in the National Governor's Association, Fellow Freshman in the House of representatives, and Colleague on Committee
10/7/01 Carper: 'Our Mission is Clear'
10/4/01 Carper Committee Passes Legilastion to Curb Sources of Terrorists' Funding