Press Releases

July 2001

Date Title
7/13/01 Carper Kicks Off Opening of Perdue AgriRecycle Plant
7/12/01 Carper and Voinovich Bill Puts Science First at US EPA
7/12/01 Biden, Carper Get $25,000 to Keep Underground Rail Road Project On Right Track
7/11/01 Working Families to Get Greater Access to Affordable Housing, Under the new 'FHA Multifamily Housing Loan Limit Adjustment Act'
7/10/01 Carper Named to Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Freshman Senator Now Sits on Four Full Committees, plus Special Aging Committee
7/2/01 Poultry, the 'Pill Bill 2' Tour and July 4th Festivities

June 2001

Date Title
6/29/01 Carper Prime CoSponsor of Prescription Drug Benefit for Seniors
6/28/01 Carper Warns of 'Impending Crisis' in long-Term Care, Baby Boomers May Bust Current Long-Term Care Infrastructure
6/27/01 Carper-Bayh 'Contract Compromise' to Patients' Bill of Rights Passes Senate, Amendment demands Reviewers Honor Patient-Provider Contracts
6/27/01 Carper Offers Centrist 'Contract Compromise' on Patients' Bill of Rights
6/22/01 Carper Seeks to Build Bridges to Business on a Patients Bill of Rights
6/21/01 Carper Pledges Federal Aid to Keep Delaware's Test Scores Rising
6/19/01 Carper Calls on Army Corps to Clean Up Lead Contamination
6/15/01 Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Center Breaks Ground Today, Carper will be on-hand as the first contributor to the building fund
6/14/01 Carper Seeks to Protect Renewable Energy Growth, Co-Sponsors Bill to extend Tax Credits for the Use of Poultry Waste as Energy