Press Releases

December 2001

Date Title
12/18/01 Senate Passes Education Bill 15 Million More for DE
12/17/01 Carper and Castle Applaud the Morrow Street Project and Announce Funds to Alleviate Affordable Housing Shortage
12/17/01 Central Branch YMCA Receives $500,000 Grant, Carper and Castle Help Secure Funds Aimed at Averting Transitional Housing Crisis
12/17/01 $26 Billion More for Public Education on the Way, Senators Head Back to Washington to deliver More for Schools
12/14/01 Billions More for Public Education on the Way, Carper Heads to Washington to Deliver More for Schools
12/13/01 New Boeing Lay Offs Prove Immediate Need for Economic Stimulus, Carper Offers Plan to Aid Laid Off Workers this Holiday Season and Beyond
12/13/01 Carper Responds to Bin Laden Video Tape
12/12/01 Carper and Minner Team Up for Payroll Tax Holiday
12/12/01 Senate Approves Defense Bill with Major Projects for Delaware
12/12/01 Carper Pushes for Payroll Tax Holiday
12/11/01 Carper Reflects on 90-Day Anniversary of 9/11, Urges Citizens to live in Their Spirit of Courage
12/7/01 Carper Praises World War II Vets, Celebrates Delaware Day, and Looks to Future in Senate Floor Speech on December 7, 2001
12/6/01 Carper Calls for a Return of the Bill of Rights for the Delaware Day, Requests National Archives Give Back Delaware's Ratified Copy
12/5/01 Energy Security, Environmental Protection and Economic Growth, Energy Bill Unveiled Today Includes Carper's Efforts to Protect Environment, Stimulate DE Economy, offer Energy Security
12/5/01 Delaware City receives $485, 000 to Protect Historic Commercial District, Biden and carper Secure Federal Grant Sheilding City From Flood Damage