A once-in-a-generation investment in Delaware’s infrastructure.

Dear Friend,

Nine months and five days ago, President Biden invited me to the Oval Office for a meeting. Together, we discussed the dire need to pass legislation that finally addressed our nation’s infrastructure needs.

After years of neglect, many of our roads, bridges, and water systems were not working for the American people. Our public works required a bold investment worthy of our twenty-first-century challenges. And as Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, I knew that our committee should lead the way in bringing Democrats and Republicans together to enact an expansive, historic vision for the future of our country.

By doing so, not only would we modernize our crumbling infrastructure but we would also create millions of good-paying jobs in communities of all shapes and sizes.

All these months later, we finally saw that hard work pay off. Yesterday afternoon, President Biden signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act—a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

No matter where you live in Delaware, you and your loved ones will benefit from this bipartisan legislation and feel its impact for years to come.

Maybe you’ve been paying more and more lately for car repairs because the roads on your commute to work haven’t been fixed in years. Or perhaps you’re a farmer or small business owner who has struggled with slow internet speeds.

You could be one of the many households worried about lead and other contaminants coming out of your faucet. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle like I recently did, but would feel more comfortable with a few more electric chargers on the road.

This bipartisan infrastructure bill will bring concrete changes to every corner of the First State and improve life for a lot of families. And while we still have more to do to meet the needs of the American people and address the climate crisis, we’re on our way to creating a brighter future.

Here’s to that brighter (smoother) road ahead,

Tom Carper