Choosing Better Health Care for Delaware

Dear Friend,

Starting today, Delawareans can enroll or re-enroll in a health plan through the Choose Health Delaware health insurance marketplace. It is the second year of the marketplace and it’s critical that you get covered now if you haven’t already.

For too long, Americans have spent more on health care than any other nation and worse yet did not always get better results. As a key piece of the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance marketplace provides a gateway to more affordable and higher quality health coverage by increasing consumer choice in health care options. 

In its first year, more than 14,000 Delawareans have used Choose Health Delaware to find a health plan that works for them. I’m proud that Delawareans are enrolling in plans that can help them live a healthier life, perhaps leave a little extra change in their pocket and help to bring down the long-terms costs for our country in this sector, which has long been a drag on the American economy. 

I urge Delawareans without insurance to protect themselves and their loved ones by choosing a health care plan for the coming year through the marketplace at It’s also crucial that that those who enrolled last year go online to examine whether their plan is still the best fit for them and find out if anything has changed about the tax subsidies they’re eligible to receive. 

Don’t have access to a computer? You can also call any of Delaware’s own “Marketplace Guides,” who can walk you through the process of choosing and enrolling in the best healthcare plan for you.

New CastleBrandywine Women’s Health AssociatesEnglish, Spanish302-658-8545
New CastleChristiana CareEnglish, Spanish302-320-6586
New CastleWestside Family HealthcareEnglish, Spanish302-472-8655
Kent, SussexDelmarva Foundation for Medical Care, Inc.English, Spanish302-365-8270
Kent, SussexWestside Family HealthcareEnglish, Spanish, Haitain Creole302-678-2205

The deadline for open enrollment is February 15, 2015; if you want to get coverage by January be sure to enroll by December 15. But don’t let precious time pass you by. Be sure to log on to as soon as possible.

Here’s to your health,

Tom Carper