Doing Our Job on Transportation

Carper’s Connection

July 12, 2014

Dear Friends,

Recently I’ve devoted a considerable amount of my time and energy to working to pass and fund a bill that invests in our national transportation system for years to come. The closure of I-495 in Wilmington is a reminder of how important a strong transportation system is to Delawareans and to our state’s economy.

However, with time running out to solve the problem, some of my colleagues in Congress have reverted to crisis governing – applying a band-aid on a massive wound by proposing short-term fixes for long-term problems.

As your former governor, I know that major transportation projects – like the Indian River bridge in Sussex County – take years to plan and construct, which is impossible without the certainty of a long-term federal partnership in paying for them.

Indian River Bridge

American cities, states, businesses and taxpayers cannot continue to get by with a stop-and-start transportation policy that will not allow them to plan for the projects that will truly transform our infrastructure and grow our economy.

This Congress has an opportunity to pass a long-term transportation bill that will fund projects that offer the highest national and regional benefits and make freight transportation more affordable and reliable, helping small and large businesses of all types to compete globally. Some members of Congress want to punt this legislation down the road – but this is something that needs to be done this year and by this Congress. It is our job.

As your Senator, I will continue to fight for the prudent path that leads to a multi-year transportation bill that local government leaders, businesses, workers and commuters have told me time and again that they need this year.

Dutifully yours,