Giving Thanks by Giving Back

Dear Friend,

This week we take a break from our busy lives to give thanks. Sure, there is also a lot offood, football and shopping mixed in, but it shouldn’t mask the day’s true meaning.

While many of us have a feast waiting for us at home, there are thousands of Delawareans and millions of Americans who do not have enough food to put on the table. As we gather with our loved ones and count our blessings, one of the best ways we can give thanks for our good fortune is to give back.

Each year, I head down to the Emmanuel Dining Room in Wilmington and join former Governor and Congressman Mike Castle to make sure our neighbors are able to enjoy a hot and delicious Thanksgiving meal. This tradition is my way of keeping in touch with what I believe to be the spirit of this holiday. 

This Thanksgiving, let’s embrace that spirit of gratitude and reflect on the blessings in our lives that we are most thankful for. Better yet, let’s do something good to ensure that our friends and neighbors have something to be thankful for as well.

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving, 

Tom Carper