A time to reflect and give thanks

Dear Friend,

This week, we can hopefully take a small break from our busy lives to give thanks. While it’s easy to get caught up in the food, football and shopping, we cannot lose sight of the holiday’s true meaning.


To me, Thanksgiving means giving back to the community that I call home. Each year, I start my morning running the Thanksgiving Day Multiple Sclerosis race in Wilmington then head down to the Emmanuel Dining Room to make sure my neighbors are able to partake in not only a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but also invaluable fellowship.

This Thanksgiving, let’s take time to reflect on our own lives, be thankful for what we’re lucky enough to have, and ensure our families, friends, and neighbors have plenty to be thankful for as well. Send a letter or package to our troops overseas who are serving away from home during the holidays. Serve at a local food kitchen, giving a warm, comforting meal to those who need it most. Together, we can do our part to strengthen our community and truly connect with those around us. What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Share with me on Facebook!

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving and a warm holiday season.

God bless,

Tom Carper