The Clock is Ticking.

Dear Friend,

On January 1, 2015, millions of Americans and thousands of Delawareans will be enrolled in high-quality, dependable health insurance plans. Will you be one of them?

I hope you already are, but if you don’t have health insurance secured for next year yet, the clock is ticking! Any Delawareans who want coverage that begins January 1 must enroll by December 15. That’s Monday! With only a few days left before time runs out, I encourage you to stop and think about whether you still need to enroll or re-enroll in a health plan for the coming new year. If you’re set, then please check with your friends and family to be sure they are, too.

I’d like to introduce you to Ray Halbach, one Delawarean who does have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. I recently met Ray at my office where he told me about how he was diagnosed with cancer after losing his job and his health insurance. He was forced to eat into his savings to pay out of pocket for his cancer treatment until the Affordable Care Act enabled him to get covered at a reasonable rate, despite his pre-existing condition.  

Delawareans who want to get covered like Ray can get online and select a health plan through the Choose Health Delaware health insurance marketplace. Even if you have insurance through the marketplace, it’s also crucial that that those who enrolled last year go online to examine whether their plan is still the best fit for them and find out if anything has changed about the financial subsidies they’re eligible to receive. 

If you’d prefer to sign-up in person or over the phone, then there are marketplace guides who can help. Find out more information here (y en español también aquí).

In its first year, more than 14,000 Delawareans have signed up for a health plan that works for them. I’m thrilled that Delawareans are enrolling in plans that can help them live a healthier life and perhaps leave a little extra change in their pocket.

Don’t let precious time pass you by. Be sure to log on to as soon as possible and get covered!

Dutifully Yours,

Tom Carper