The time is now

We’re within a day or two of the Senate voting on comprehensive immigration reform. I’ve been proud to be a part of the effort pushing this legislation forward – from calling on my colleagues to fix our broken system to pushing for amendments that would make our border security stronger and more efficient to including measures in the so-called “border surge” amendment that address the root causes of illegal immigration.

But I’m also grateful that so many Delawareans have called, written, posted to Facebookor tweeted at me with their thoughts on immigration reform. Needless to say, not everyone agrees on how we should fix our immigration system, but everyone seems to agree that the current system is not working.

For example, Elizabeth from Lincoln wrote: “I live and work with very hard working non citizens here in Sussex county and feel they deserve a chance to better themselves in the U.S.”

Dan sent me a message on Facebook saying: “I don’t know all of the details but know enough to know that we make it too hard for the ones who want to come here, assimilate and contribute.”

Linette from Wilmington shared: “I know so many wonderful immigrants that stay in the shadows for fear of being sent back to horrendous conditions… Immigrants deserve the same chance our immigrant families were given.”

The positive support I’ve heard from people like you shows exactly why we’re finally going to reform our broken immigration system for the long haul. As we go into the final hours of Senate debate on this critical issue, I hope you’ll continue to let your voice be heard.  

Let’s get this done. The time is now.

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