Touring Delaware’s Critical Transportation Projects

Dear Friend,

This week, I toured our state’s highways and bridges to check up on the status of some of Delaware’s critical transportation projects. As Delawareans know all too well, decades of wear and tear have taken a toll on our nation’s infrastructure that was once the most advanced in the world. Now we find that our nation’s bridges, tunnels, and highways are crumbling and Congress can’t agree on a long-term solution to invest in repairing and maintaining them, let alone building the transformative projects that will truly grow our economy.

My first stop on the tour was in Wilmington, where the Christina River Bridge Project will create another access road into the riverfront. This project has the potential to bring more visitors to our local businesses in the area and stimulate economic growth in the city.

My second stop was on Route 1 right by Milford High School where there’s a project that would create an overpass to eliminate dangerous Route 1 crossovers for pedestrians – enhancing public safety and easing the flow of traffic in the area.

Finally, I went to Millville, where the Route 26 project would create left-hand turn lanes, bike and pedestrian lanes and alleviate beach traffic for Delawareans and First State visitors. Route 26Unfortunately, despite being fully funded, this important project was stalled repeatedly due to the stop and start of federal funding, costing time and millions of taxpayer dollars. 

In Congress, we need to do our job and shore up the Highway Trust Fund for the long-term to give our states the funding certainty they need to plan smart infrastructure investments. I stand ready to work with any member who understands the importance of passing a long-term transportation plan. It’s what our states, cities, and businesses are asking for  – and as I saw this week in Delaware, it’s what we need.


Tom Carper