Carper, Coons, Carney announce more than $836,000 for re-employment services

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons, and Representative John Carney today announced a total of $836,145 in Department of Labor funding to implement a re-employment and eligibility assessment (REA) program in Delaware that helps unemployment insurance beneficiaries find work faster and reduces improper

“I always say the best thing you can do for someone is help them find a job,” said Senator Carper. “This grant award will help those who are unemployed obtain the tools and education they need to get a job. Delaware has a reputation for having a highly skilled, dedicated workforce and this grant award will help it stay that way.”

“Long-term unemployment remains one of the most difficult challenges facing our economic recovery.” Senator Coons said. “The longer a worker is unemployed, the more
difficult it becomes to find a job, and the further unemployment benefits are strained. REA programs across the country have helped unemployment beneficiaries get back to work faster, avoiding the slump of long-term unemployment and reducing the likelihood that they will exhaust their benefits. This is a smart investment that will strengthen Delaware’s workforce and support the longevity of our vital social safety net.“

“This funding will give Delawareans facing unemployment new tools to connect with employers and get back to work,” said Congressman Carney.  “It will give the long-term unemployed specific guidance and assistance in finding jobs that fit with their skills and experience. It will also benefit employers by helpingthem find workers with the training they need for their businesses to be successful.”

The grant will be used to establish an REA program in Delaware that offers participants
personalized re-employment plans tailored to their individual career interests and locallabor markets. Assessments are performed in person, and participants also receive referrals to re-employment services and job training provided by the American Job Center. The program saves money by reducing the length of timeclaimants spend collecting unemployment benefits while searching for work. It also includes a complete review of participants’ unemployment insurance eligibility to reduce incidences of improper payments. 

The grant is a part of $64.3 million awarded by the Department of Labor to 38 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia to implement or continue
REAs for individuals who receive unemployment benefits. Delaware, Connecticut, and the Virgin Islands received first-time grants to implement the program.