Carper Statement on America’s D+ Infrastructure Grade

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and longtime proponent of raising the country’s outdated gas and diesel taxes to pay for badly-needed investments in infrastructure, released the following statement in response to release of the American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, which gave America a grade of D+ .

“After kicking the can down the road on funding our nation’s infrastructure for decades, it’s no wonder we didn’t make the honor roll. This report card continues to show the consequences of refusing to make smart, timely investment in our roads, bridges, highways, transit systems, waterways, drinking water and wastewater systems, dams and ports. Failing to upgrade and maintain our infrastructure robs our economy of productivity and hinders our competitiveness in the global marketplace. Finding smart, modern ways to fund these  long overdue improvements would put Americans to work and support our growing, modern economy. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and I hope my colleagues will join me to do the job we’ve failed to do for so many years.”