Carper Statement on Nuclear Agreement with Iran

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), a retired Navy captain and former naval flight officer who served three tours of duty in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, issued the following statement on the nuclear agreement with Iran.

“Let me first thank Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz, the negotiating team they’ve led, and our negotiating partners for all of their hard work and their tenacity in reaching this agreement.

“Almost immediately, this agreement – which none of my colleagues has read – has been denounced for any number of reasons. To the harshest critics among us, let me say this. Cool your jets. Let’s read the document. Let’s meet with the Americans who’ve negotiated it and ask them the tough questions that need to be asked. And while we’re doing that, let’s ask ourselves, ‘What are the alternatives?’

“At first blush, this agreement appears to track the framework laid out several months ago. If that’s true – and I hope it is – the most critical element of the deal for me is likely to be our ability, and the ability of the world, to verify strict Iranian compliance with the agreement.

“But for now, let’s hold our fire. Let’s do our homework and, then, engage over the next 60 days in a thoughtful, respectful debate that an opportunity like the one before us deserves.”