Senator Carper to Bring Delawarean Helped by the ACA to President’s Speech

WILMINGTON – U.S. Senator Tom Carper will bring breast cancer survivor and Wilmington resident Mary Williams as his guest to President Trump’s joint address to Congress on Tuesday night.

Mary, 50, was laid off from her job while undergoing cancer treatment, leaving her without insurance during a health crisis. Unsure of how to find coverage, Mary turned to health care navigators at Westside Family Healthcare for help getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace. With a pre-existing condition, finding affordable health insurance before the ACA was enacted would have been nearly impossible. Through programs established by the health care reform law, Westside was able to help her find an affordable plan that meant she didn’t have to disrupt her treatment.

“Mary is a wife and mother, and the Affordable Care Act made it possible for her to continue the treatment she needed to battle breast cancer and be there for her family,” Senator Carper said. “Repealing the ACA would put millions of people like Mary at risk. Instead, Democrats and Republicans should be working together to build upon the progress we’ve made through implementing the ACA and improving what could be better. I hope President Trump will think about the real-life impacts of his proposed repeal efforts and change course to do what’s right.”