Carper Statement on Selection of Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del), who will serve as ranking member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in the 115th Congress, released the following statement today on President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Scott Pruitt, who currently serves as the Attorney General for the State of Oklahoma, to serve as the next Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

“Since the EPA was created by President Nixon forty-six years ago, this country has seen cleaner air and cleaner water for all Americans. This progress has been made while growing our economy and putting Americans to work. Despite all our successes, we know more must be done to safeguard public health and ensure we leave a better environment for our children and grandchildren. This is especially true when it comes to tackling climate change. 

“The task of leading the EPA is no easy one. The agency is not only charged with protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink, but also protecting public health. These should not be partisan issues. Across the political spectrum, I know we can agree on many things – we want cleaner air, a stronger economy, and to leave a healthy Earth for our children and grandchildren.

“Over the coming weeks, my colleagues and I will have the opportunity to look closely at Mr. Pruitt’s record. I am interested in examining his vision for the agency, and while I am committed to a full and fair confirmation process, I am troubled by reports of the aggressive stance Mr. Pruitt has taken against the EPA and its efforts to protect public health and the environment during his tenure as Attorney General. Let me be perfectly clear: I’m not interested in rolling back the significant progress we have made over the past eight years. I’m not interested in attacking the clean water or clean air standards meant to protect public health or in denying the science of climate change. Any individual charged with leading the EPA who wants to ignore science or look out for special interests at the expense of public health can expect a fight with me. I look forward to the upcoming confirmation process and hearing from Mr. Pruitt directly on these incredibly important issues.”