Carper Urges EPA to Adopt National Emissions Standards and Follow the POTUS Call for a Clean Energy Revolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW), laid out a vision for how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can adopt standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the automotive industry and eliminate tailpipe pollution from new cars by 2035. In a letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan, Carper described a vision for federal standards to help achieve President Biden’s climate goals and enable the U.S. to “own the electric car market” as the president called for in his joint session address earlier this week.

“If the U.S. does not establish a robust policy that leads to zero emission vehicle (ZEV) deployment… we will be at risk of losing our automotive jobs and industry leadership to other nations, as well as enduring unnecessary public health impacts from pollution,” Senator Carper wrote. “The future of the automobile manufacturing sector is at a crossroads. The Clean Air Act provides sufficient authority for the U.S. EPA to rise to this challenge. EPA can establish requirements on new cars that would significantly reduce air pollution harming communities, put the nation on track to maintain its leadership in vehicle technology, and make significant progress in fighting climate change.”

“We strongly support Senator Carper’s call for EPA to eliminate tailpipe pollution from new cars by 2035. Zero emissions electric vehicles are already gaining momentum, with leading auto companies making the jump to affordable, high-performing emissions-free cars. But if we’re going to compete with Europe and China, we’ll need bold action from policy makers. We need rigorous emission standards that eliminate harmful climate and air pollution, and investments that ensure the manufacturing and infrastructure jobs for zero-emitting vehicles are here in America,” said Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President for Political Affairs, Environmental Defense Fund. “By setting rigorous emission standards for clean vehicles we can protect our health, reduce pollution in our communities, and save families money at the gas pump. We’ll also be cleaning up one of the largest sources of climate and air pollution. We’re grateful to Chairman Carper for his leadership, and look forward to working with EPA on establishing standards to ensure healthier communities and economic opportunity for all Americans.”

“Volkswagen Group of America fully supports Sen. Carper’s vision of the California Framework Agreement for GHG reductions as a blueprint for a national standard.  We are close to completing our new $800 million battery electric vehicle line in Tennessee, and aspire to achieving 50% ZEV sales in 2030,” said Scott Keogh, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group Of America. “Working with Congress, industry can establish a partnership that will help us meet ever more stringent emissions targets with greater EV sales.” 

“We believe making great vehicles for our customers, protecting the planet and maintaining a strong business depend on each other. That’s why Ford was proud to be the only full-line U.S. automaker to stand with California on stronger vehicle emissions standards and why we support the Biden Administration’s recent actions as great first steps towards the restoration of California’s authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions,” Bob Holycross, VP, Chief Sustainability, Environment & Safety Officer, Ford Motor Company. “Ford is investing more than $22 billion in electric vehicles globally through 2025 and will continue working with our dealers; union partners, including the UAW; and government agencies to combat climate change.”