Chairman Carper Commends Administration’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

WASHINGTON- Today, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, commended the Obama Administration’s recently announced executive actions to advance energy efficiency investments, including in investments in federal buildings, and solar deployment.

“I commend the Administration for its continual commitment to energy efficiency,” said Chairman Carper.  “I have long urged the government to find ways to achieve the same or better results using fewer resources, which is why I am especially pleased to see a greater investment in energy efficiency upgrades to federal buildings. This initiative will reduce long-term costs to taxpayers and shrink the government’s carbon footprint.  With today’s executive actions, our nation is better prepared to move forward with a comprehensive energy efficiency plan that will encourage job growth, reduce our environmental impact, save money, and ensure a sustainable energy future for generations to come.”

The White House’s energy efficiency plan includes a series of executive actions designed to spur long-term investment in clean energy and energy-related jobs; reduce our dependence on traditional energy sources via further deployment of solar energy; lower energy costs for the government, businesses, and families; and improve the energy efficiency of appliances and buildings.  Additionally, the Administration announced commitments from over 300 private and public sector industry leaders to advance energy efficiency, particularly solar power.

To read the White House’s announcement in full, please click here.