Chairman Carper Statement on Administration Launch of the U.S. Digital Service

Today, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) commended the Office of Management and Budget’s launch of the U.S. Digital Service, which, according to the Administration, will work to find solutions to management challenges that can prevent progress in the federal government’s IT delivery. Learn more about the Administration’s announcement here.

“Every organization, public or private, faces challenges successfully delivering results from large information technology investments, but to me, and to much of the public, it is clear that the federal government continues to struggle more than the private sector in managing these investments,” Chairman Carper said. “Given that taxpayers are on the hook whether a project succeeds or fails, it is critical that we improve how federal agencies acquire, implement and manage information technology and provide a valuable return on the taxpayer dollars invested in these programs. The Administration’s U.S. Digital Service has the potential to help our government modernize how agencies develop and use technology by harnessing valuable insight from the private sector’s best and brightest digital experts. It is my hope that the U.S. Digital Service will prevent future mishaps from occurring as it works to strengthen our agencies’ digital systems and help agency leadership figure out what works and what they can do better when it comes to information technology. I look forward to seeing the progress the U.S. Digital Service will make in the coming months as it works to upgrade and improve the digital experience of our federal agencies.”