Chairman Carper Statement on Syria

WASHINGTON – Today, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement on the use of chemical weapons in Syria:

“Today, President Obama came to Capitol Hill to discuss how he intends to respond to the Syrian regime’s flagrant disregard for international law through the use of chemical weapons. I am encouraged to hear that the President has decided to pursue a diplomatic solution to this problem by demanding that Syria surrender all of its chemical weapons to the international community. As Sun Tzu noted in the Art of War, “[t]he greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” I also think it’s important to note that Syria wouldn’t likely be considering giving up its chemical weapons if it weren’t for the credible pressure of a military response from the United States, along with many of our allies.  While a peaceful resolution to this situation is preferable, diplomacy can only be effective if we maintain a real and credible threat of military force to ensure that Assad follows through with his commitment to disarm. For this reason, all options must remain on the table, including the use of limited military strikes. My hope is that by aggressively pursuing dual tracks – a diplomatic resolution working with our allies and the United Nations as well as a revised resolution in Congress that reiterates our support for the President’s use of a limited military response – we can address the Syrian crisis responsibly.”