Chairman Johnson, Ranking Member Carper Continue Oversight of California Shooting

WASHINGTON — Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Ranking Member Tom Carper (D-Del.) released this statement Friday regarding the committee’s ongoing oversight of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.:

“We grieve for those in San Bernardino and elsewhere who have been affected by Wednesday’s tragedy, and are grateful for the efforts of first responders. What happened in San Bernardino was a horrible event that has become all too common in our world today. Whether these attacks were coordinated or inspired by ISIS or another terrorist group, it is critical that our federal, state and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies work together to get to the bottom of this attack and do everything possible to prevent another attack from happening. As part of our committee’s responsibility to oversee our homeland security, we will conduct a thorough examination of the federal government’s knowledge and actions before and after the attack, and federal agency interactions with state and local government partners, to ensure that we as a nation are better able to anticipate, prevent and, if necessary, respond to the next terrorist threat.”