ICYMI: Senator Carper Announces Nearly $32 Million in Federal Funding to Protect and Restore Delaware Bay Beaches

In Case You Missed It, this week U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, announced $31.9 million in federal funding for the restoration of Delaware’s bay beaches, $10 million of which the Senator personally secured through the Congressionally Directed Spending process. In addition, the Army Corps of Engineers released its work plan which allocates an additional $21.9 million to the initiative. These investments will help protect and restore Pickering Beach, Kitts Hummock, Slaughter Beach, Prime Hook Beach and Lewes Beach.

See more in WRDE, WMDT, The Delaware News Journal, Delaware Public Media, WGMD (radio), WBOC (broadcast), Delaware 105.9 (radio), Cape Gazette, WDEL, and below:

$31.9 million in federal funding announced to protect Delaware bay beach communities

By: Torie Seagraves

May 13, 2024

What was expected to be an announcement of $10 million for bay beach restoration along the Delaware coast on Monday, May 13, has since increased to $31.9 million in federal funding.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, alongside Delaware officials, announced the nearly $32 million in federal funding to protect and enhance Delaware bay beach communities. The announcement was made with notable attendees including Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn M. Garvin, Slaughter Beach Mayor Bob Woods, and other state and local dignitaries.

“While we continue to invest in our coastline, we must also address the root causes of sea level rise and ever-growing storms caused by climate change,” said Carper. “That’s why in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, which I was proud to help co-author and get passed, we are investing billions of dollars into protecting our planet from these threats for generations to come.”

According to Carper, this funding includes $10 million from Congressionally Directed Spending, aimed at restoring beaches and constructing storm protection systems like dunes across key areas such as Pickering Beach, Kitts Hummock, Slaughter Beach, Prime Hook Beach, and Lewes Beach. The Army Corps of Engineers has also allocated an additional $21.9 million to this initiative, increasing the total federal investment to approximately $58 million for ongoing coastal protection efforts. […]

Del. beach replenishment gets shot in arm with federal funding

By: Hannah Cechini

May 13, 2024

[…] Sen. Carper hopes that replenishing the dunes will make the beaches more attractive, and accessible, to visitors.

“Tourism is the number two industry in Delaware, and it’s the number two job creator in Delaware,” Sen. Carper said. “We want to make sure that continues to be strong and vibrant. And, the Army Corps of Engineers is hugely important in making that happen.”

[…]And in the face of a warming climate, and rising sea levels, leaders say this funding can’t come at a better time. However, Sen. Carper says that pipeline needs to stay supplied.

“It’s real, it’s really happening. The question is, are we going to do anything about it? And, the answer is that we are doing things to address climate change and global warming,” Sen. Carper said. “We’re putting up too much carbon dioxide and global gasses. So, we do both; we do the prevention, and we move the sand around to make sure we protect our economy and protect our communities.” […]

Delaware’s bay beaches to be replenished with nearly $60 million in federal funds

By: Shannon Marvel McNaught

May 15, 2024

[…] Carper secured about $36 million to replenish beaches and build dunes from Pickering Beach to Lewes, a news release from his office said, while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is allocating about $22 million.

“With all the funds … the Corps can begin the critical work of renourishment, which helps protect communities against coastal storms, and helps protect habitat for our critters on our shores,” Carper said in Slaughter Beach on Monday for the announcement. […]

Federal funding for Delaware Bay beach restoration reaches close to $60 million

By: Sarah Petrowich

May 13, 2024

[…] With Carper’s previously announced $26 million for the project through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, federal funding for bay beach restoration now sits around $58 million.

“Funding will go toward restoring some almost 30 miles of beach and dunes, and what do those beach and dunes do? As you know, they help protect our communities along the bay,” [said Senator Carper]. […]


May 13, 2024

[…] [Senator Carper]: “Most of the folks that are here understand the importance protecting our home – we understand the importance of protecting our businesses, the importance of protecting our beach.”

With the millions of dollars funding this project, Senator Carper says the Army Corps of Engineers can begin the critical work of renourishment, which would help protect communities against coastal storms and would protect habitats as well. […]


May 14, 2024

[…] “They are threatened, the beaches are threatened, the housing here is threatened, the jobs and businesses are threatened – and then more inland our agricultural economy is threatened because our planet is getting hotter and warmer every year and seas are literally rising.” […]

Delaware 105.9

May 15, 2024

[…] “More than 31 million dollars in federal funds will go to protect and restore beaches in the First State. U.S. Senator Tom Carper announced the historic funding at Slaughter Beach this week. The Delaware Democrat says the money will address needed actions for imminent threats faced by beachfront communities.” […]

Carper announces $31.9 million in funding for bayshore

By: Ron MacArthur

May 14, 2024

[Kathy Lock, president of the Bay Beach Association] said residents have been working for 20 years to get their beaches nourished and restored.

“Sen. Carper has led the fight for Delaware’s coast his entire career in public service,” she said. “His relentless fight to protect and enhance our beaches, bays, wetlands and waterfronts continues, and we are honored to have him here in Slaughter Beach today with great news about the Delaware Bay coast.” […]

Federal funds helping Delaware Bay beach restoration and storm protection

By: Mike Phillips

May 14, 2024

Several beach front communities along the Delaware Bay will benefit from additional funding provided by the federal government for beach restoration and storm protection systems like sand dunes.

[…] “The State of Delaware appreciates Senator Carper’s commitment to securing our coastline from the impacts of climate change,” said DNREC Secretary Sean Garvin.  “The funding provided through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Inflation Reduction Act, and Congressionally Directed Spending funding supported by the Senator’s leadership is beneficial to the State. As we scope and prioritize how these funds are used, we encourage our Bayshore communities to bring resources to the table to protect our communities.” […]