Greenspan to Testify Before Banking Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan will appear before Senator Tom Carper and the Senate Banking Committee tomorrow, Thursday, to give his semi-annual report on monetary policy and take questions from the Senators concerning the state of the American economy. “A strong economy demands strong investor confidence. The recent Enron scandal shook some investors’ faith and threatened our economic recovery. But falling energy prices, the most aggressive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve Board in history and spending on the war seem to have our economy back on track and ready for growth,” Carper said. “I look forward to asking the man many call ‘the Maestro’ his opinion on the state of our economy.” WHO: Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, Senator Carper, Senate Banking Committee WHAT: Testimony on monetary policy and the state of the national economy WHEN: 10:00 am, Thursday, March 7, 2002 WHERE: 106 Dirksen Senate Office Building Senator Carper will be available by phone for interviews after the hearing. The Senator’s comments will be fed via satellite in the afternoon and a radio actuality will be available. SATELLITE COORDINATES OF CARPER’S QUESTIONS ON THURSDAY: Time: 2:30-2:35 pm, Galaxy 3, Transponder 7, D/L 3840, Standard Audio 6.2 & 6.8