Delaware Delegation Asks Public to Help Keep Pressure on BRAC Commission

Senators and Congressman want Delawareans to Contact Commission

WILMINGTON, DE — In the weeks and months since the Pentagon released its Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) report, Delaware’s Congressional Delegation has worked closely with state and local officials in an attempt to reverse the Defense Department’s (DOD) decision to transfer all of the major assets and many personnel from the New Castle County National Guard Unit to other bases in Georgia and North Carolina. Today, they are calling on all Delawareans to do their part and make their voices heard as well. “This is a fight that transcends politics and parties,” said the Delegation. “We are all fighting for our Air National Guard, just as they have fought so honorably for all of us these many years. We hope that all Delawareans will join us in this fight and contact the BRAC Commission. Let them know that this community supports its Guardsmen and women and recognizes the good work they have done for our state. The more voices the Commission hears, the stronger our case.” The Delegation is encouraging Delawareans to provide input directly to the Commission through their website, ( ) or by writing to the BRAC Independent Commission, 2521 South Clark St., Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22202. In early July, Delaware’s Senators Joe Biden (D-DE) and Tom Carper (D-DE), Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) and Governor Ruth Ann Minner testified before the BRAC Commission, maintaining that the DOD’s decision-making process was flawed and the economic impact of the realignment would be more severe. In addition, the group argued that leaving the entire mid-Atlantic region, from Rhode Island to North Carolina, without any tactical airlift (C-130s) in the Air Guard would put the area at an enormous disadvantage when it comes to homeland security. The BRAC Commission is expected to make their final decision on August 24, 2005.