Carper Reacts to Encouraging April Jobs Numbers

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Tom Carper released the following statement regarding today’s report from the Department of Labor showing that the economy created 290,000 jobs in April, the largest job increase since March 2006:
“Today’s report that our economy created 290,000 jobs last month, the most in four years, is another positive sign that we are making progress in our economic recovery efforts.  Also encouraging are the newly revised job creation numbers for February and March. In February, 39,000 jobs were actually created, much better than the previous estimate of 14,000 jobs lost. Additionally, in March the economy created 230,000 jobs, instead of the 162,000 first reported.
“This is good news and further evidence that the economic policies pursued by President Obama and Congress are creating an environment where businesses can recover and thrive.  Indeed private employers, the heart of our economy, led this growth in job creation by adding a surprisingly strong 231,000 positions last month, also the most since March 2006.
“While this report is encouraging, we all know that we are not out of the woods yet.  There are still far too many Delawareans who can’t find work and who are struggling to make ends meet.  And as we have seen with the volatility in global financial markets over the past few days, our economic recovery is still fragile.  That’s why in the coming weeks Congress will continue our efforts to spur economic growth and assist families and communities working to make a full recovery.
“Although we saw a slight increase in the overall unemployment rate, that increase is actually a sign that the economy is improving because more unemployed Americans who were discouraged and stopped looking for work are feeling optimistic about their chances in the job market and are actively looking for work again. Today’s report confirms that we are on the road to recovery, but more work remains. My colleagues and I will continue our efforts to provide the certainty and support businesses, particularly small businesses, need to create jobs and ensure a robust economic recovery.