Concerned About its Fiscal Implications, Carper Votes Against Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Concerned about its long-term fiscal implications, Senator Tom Carper voted against the farm bill that passed the Senate today. Carper called his vote “a tough, but necessary decision.” “This was a tough decision because this bill helps some in our state. But in a time of growing deficits and new demands such as homeland security, the long-term costs outweighed the short-term benefits,” Carper said. “Our growing deficits demand that we make difficult decisions. This was one of them.” Carper voted for an earlier farm bill that passed the Senate because it increased support for farmland conservation, focused on helping family farms, and did not spend the nation into deep deficits. The bill that was reported out of conference shifts money away from conservation efforts important to Delaware and in a time of growing federal deficits pushes the nation further into debt. Carper worked with other members of the Delmarva delegation including Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD) to establish the Delmarva Conservation Corridor, which was included in today’s bill.