Carper: Progress Made on Global Warming, More to do in EPW Committee

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) responded this afternoon to the movement of America’s Climate Security Act (ACSA), a bill introduced by Sens. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) to address global climate change.
Earlier today, the Senate Subcommittee on Private Sector and Consumer Solutions to Global Warming and Wildlife Protection reported this legislation mandating cuts in greenhouse gas pollution to the full Environment and Public Works Committee, where Sen. Carper serves.
Sen. Carper said:
“I am encouraged by the progress being made to develop comprehensive legislation to address global warming. The legislation by Senators Lieberman and Warner is a good start. I look forward to building on their efforts as the bill is considered by the full Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW).  
“Federal policy should encourage the most productive use of energy with the least amount of harmful pollution entering our air and water. Among my priorities for the Climate Security Act are reductions of three other deadly air pollutants that come from power plants, SOX, NOX and Mercury. I address reductions of these three pollutants in my Clean Air Planning Act (S.1177), which I introduced in April with 10 bipartisan Senate co-sponsors.

“There is still a lot of hard work to be done to finalize meaningful, comprehensive legislation this year. I look forward to fully participating in the upcoming discussions in the EPW committee.”