Carper Statement on Senate Confirmation of Porter Goss to Head CIA

WASHINGTON (Sept. 22, 2004) – Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., issued the following statement, announcing his support for Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla., to become the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Senate is expected to vote on the nomination Wednesday afternoon. “No matter who it is, the president’s nominee to be the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency faces the difficult task of restoring the nation’s confidence in our intelligence agencies. It is critically important that this goal be approached as objectively and openly as possible. I have known Porter Goss for several years and served with him in the House of Representatives, and I believe he is qualified to lead the CIA during these turbulent times. During his confirmation process, he has heard the concerns of several of my colleagues on the Intelligence Committee about partisanship and the damage it can do as the intelligence community works to re-establish its credibility. I urge Porter to keep those concerns in mind and to establish himself as an independent voice within the Bush Administration.”