Sens. Carper, Kaufman Emphasize Importance Of Green Jobs To Health Of Economy and Environment In Delaware And Nationwide

Senators attend "Green Jobs Summit" with Delaware small business leaders

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, Sens. Tom Carper and Ted Kaufman (both D-Del.) attended the Senate Democratic Green Jobs Summit, an all-day forum where senators and leaders from each state discussed how to transform the American economy and build a “green” workforce.
Also attending the event were the heads of two Delaware small businesses who are at the forefront of a green economy. Mike Zimny of PTM Manufacturing, a pre-insulated duct company, and Dale Davis of CMI Electric, a solar panel small business, were nominated to participate by Sens. Carper and Kaufman, respectively. Vice President Joe Biden delivered the keynote address at the start of the summit.
“We commend Vice President Biden for focusing on green job growth in the United States and emphasizing the importance of creating new American jobs that clean up our environment while stimulating economic growth,” said Sens. Carper and Kaufman. “Delaware-based companies like CMI Electric and PTM Manufacturing, among others, make America more competitive and energy efficient, while helping our economy recover and putting Americans back to work. Across our state and nation, there are green jobs wherever there are buildings to be weatherized, solar panels to be installed and wind turbines to be built.”
“We are very excited about this innovative, green duct work product – it’s going to revolutionize the industry and we’re proud to be leading the way,” said Zimny, of PTM Manufacturing. “It was a pleasure to attend the summit today and I thank Senators Carper and Kaufman for their leadership in encouraging green jobs growth in Delaware.”